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Our mission is to ensure that mental health professionals like you can devote their time and energy to patient care while leaving the intricate world of billing in our capable hands.

Our comprehensive suite of services includes top-notch billing, claim submission, verification of insurance coverage, and coding review, guaranteeing precision and adherence to industry standards. Strong data security and privacy measures are in place to protect your patients' data with the utmost care. We seamlessly integrate electronic health records into your workflow, simplifying documentation and billing processes.

We understand the urgency of mental health services, which is why our support team is at your service 24/7, ready to address any concerns or inquiries. Our innovative solutions are tailored to the unique needs of psychiatric practices, providing customized billing processes that align seamlessly with your workflows.

Say goodbye to claim denials and partial payments with our commitment to accurate documentation, ensuring you receive the full reimbursements you deserve. At Independent Billing Services, we recognize the unique and sometimes urgent nature of mental health services. Our round-the-clock support ensures ongoing assistance and problem resolution.

We pride ourselves on our ranking as a top-tier provider in psychiatry billing, a testament to our expertise and reliability in serving psychiatric practices. Let us handle the complexities of psychiatric billing, leaving you free to focus on providing exceptional care to your patients.

Choose Independent Billing Services for a stress-free, efficient, and financially successful practice.

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